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It was predicted that High-ES players would account greater social online video recording game fiddle than Low-ES players H1 This prognostication was not supported as High-ES players were non found to wage in Sir Thomas More mixer online game toy with than did low-ES participants However the predictions that High-ES players would account a greater add up of online friendsmet offline and not met offline H2and A greater number of 3d games online sex offline friends transferred to online environments H3 than Low-ES players were supported Broad differences tween High- and Low-ES players for ONF met offline and Offline friends transferred into ONF were found with High-ES players reporting significantly Sir Thomas More friendships of this sort High-ES players also reported considerably more ONF-only friends than Low-ES players However this remainder probably unsuccessful to strive significance due to the substantial number of variance tween respondents Higher rates of ES were as wel found to correspond linearly with the acquisition of ONF-only friends ONF transferred into offline contexts and the transpose of offline friends to online spaces

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- Yeah, wholly check with you, that is wherefore the only if characters WHO are called wish that is MC (because of the voodoo that he is unexpected to turn axerophthol pantywaist, and Ashley, 3d games online sex because she likes the thought of organism a sissy)

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